It looks like the source article is missing from your message. Could you please provide the text or the main points from the source article you’d like me to use as a basis for the new article? This will allow me to create the content you’re requesting. Thank you!

It appears there was a misunderstanding, as there is no source article provided in your request. To create an FAQ section, I need the main topics and information from the specific article you are referring to. If you can provide the text or main points from the desired article, I can then proceed to generate an FAQ section, define key terms or jargon, and suggest related links where appropriate.

Once you provide the article or its main points, here’s what you can expect:

1. FAQ Section: This section will be crafted based on the main topics and information you provide from the article. It will include questions and answers derived from the content of the article.

2. Definitions: Any complex terms, jargon, or acronyms used within the article will be defined for clarity. I will ensure that the definitions are based on the context used in the article.

3. Related Links: If there are URLs that are relevant to the article’s domain and I am certain they are valid, I will include them using the format you requested, like this: link name. I will ensure that subpage URLs are converted to the main domain.

To proceed, please provide the details of the source article.