5G Tablets Lead Market Surge in Indian Tablet Industry

In the final quarter of 2023, analysts report a considerable uptick in India’s tablet PC market, signaling a robust interest in 5G technology among consumers. This 21% quarterly surge is headed by Apple, commanding a 25% share of the volume, with Lenovo closely trailing at 24%, and Samsung not far behind with a 19% stake. This upswing is a direct result of the burgeoning demand for tablets equipped with 5G connectivity, as noted by CyberMedia Research (CMR).

Significantly, 5G-ready tablets experienced a 43% year-over-year surge in the December quarter, representing a hefty slice of the market. Not to be overshadowed, Wi-Fi-enabled tablets also enjoyed positive market reception with a 13% year-over-year increase, holding a majority share of 52% of total tablet shipments.

An insight from CMR highlights the expanding consumer appetite for a range of tablets, covering premium, 5G, and cost-effective models. Menka Kumari, an industry analyst, acknowledged the marked growth witnessed in the B2B domain and the rise of online sales, underpinning the Indian tablet sphere’s resilience and growth potential.

The high-end tablet sector saw a staggering growth of 95% sequentially, underscoring a dynamic shift towards more luxurious tablet options. Although there was a 14% decline in the aggregate tablet market for the year, Apple and Samsung kept their leads with considerable market shares.

Despite facing a yearly dip in 2023, the tablet market is nonetheless poised for a 5-10% growth in 2024, propelled by innovative technologies, a diverse array of products, and shifting consumer preferences, particularly towards 5G-enablement.

**Summary:** The Indian tablet PC market experienced significant growth in Q4 2023, dominated by demand for 5G tablets, while Apple maintained a leading market share. Consumer preferences show an inclination towards high-end tablets, with a vibrant prospect for continual market growth in 2024.

FAQ Section Based on the Article

1. What was the growth rate of India’s tablet PC market in the final quarter of 2023?
The tablet PC market in India saw a 21% quarterly surge in the final quarter of 2023.

2. Which companies are at the forefront of India’s tablet market?
Apple is leading with a 25% share, followed closely by Lenovo at 24%, and Samsung at 19%.

3. What type of tablet technology is driving market growth?
The market growth is being driven by a robust demand for 5G-ready tablets.

4. What was the year-over-year increase for 5G-ready tablets in the December quarter?
5G-ready tablets saw a 43% year-over-year increase in the December quarter.

5. Did Wi-Fi-enabled tablets perform well in the market too?
Yes, Wi-Fi-enabled tablets also experienced a 13% year-over-year increase.

6. What trend did Menka Kumari of CMR notice in the tablet market?
Menka Kumari noticed significant growth in the B2B domain and a rise in online sales.

7. How has the high-end tablet sector performed?
There was a sequential growth of 95% in the high-end tablet sector.

8. What is the projected growth for the tablet market in 2024?
The tablet market is predicted to grow by 5-10% in 2024.

Definitions of Key Terms & Jargon

5G Technology: The fifth generation of cellular network technology, offering faster speeds and more reliable internet connectivity than its predecessors.

B2B Domain: Business-to-Business domain; refers to the market where transactions are made between two businesses rather than between a business and individual consumer.

Sequential Growth: The growth of something (like sales or market share) in comparison with the previous period (e.g., quarter-over-quarter or month-over-month).

Insightful Analysis Reported by CMR

– The uptick in the tablet PC market indicates not only a consumer preference for new technology but a broader acceptance of premium devices in the Indian market.
– The resilience and potential growth of the Indian tablet PC market can be attributed to multiple factors, including the rise in online sales and B2B engagements.

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