Bob W Lands €40 Million to Reinvent the Short-Term Rental Space

A Finnish company, Bob W, has established a firm standing in the short-term rental market by successfully raising €40 million in Series B funding. With an intriguing mix of technology and hospitality, Bob W has been redefining travel accommodation since its inception in 2018. Differing from platforms like Airbnb and, Bob W presents a unique model combining the comfort of apartment stays with hotel-like amenities, all curated through sophisticated technology.

Operating over 3,000 “aparthotels” in 17 major European cities, the company is not merely a listing platform but actively manages each property to ensure a consistent quality experience for guests. By using a tech-first approach, Bob W significantly reduces the need for on-site staff, allowing the company to scale rapidly with minimal human resource investments.

Bob W’s guest experience is steeped in digital innovation, utilizing dedicated applications and IoT integrations to facilitate property management and offer personalized services. Through these applications, guests can access a range of local services, from fitness centers to transportation alternatives, seamlessly tailored to their preferences.

The company’s success is reflected in its impressive revenue growth and profitability across most of its markets, pointing towards a sustainable business model that differs from the typical short-term rental operator. With this new investment, Bob W is poised to deepen its presence within Europe and potentially extend its reach globally in the future.

The latest funding round was spearheaded by Evli Growth Partners, attracting not only financial backing but also strategic support from industry veterans and investment groups keen on fostering innovative lodging concepts. As Bob W crafts its distinct path in a crowded market, the fusion of technology, personalized hospitality, and savvy business operation positions it as a leading figure in a rapidly evolving industry.

FAQ Section Based on the Article:

What is Bob W?
Bob W is a Finnish company that operates in the short-term rental market, offering a unique model that combines the comfort of apartment stays with the amenities of hotels, facilitated by sophisticated technology.

How is Bob W different from Airbnb and
Unlike typical listing platforms like Airbnb and, Bob W actively manages each of its properties to ensure a consistent quality experience, provides hotel-like amenities with the comfort of apartment living, and uses a tech-first approach to reduce the necessity for on-site staff.

What are “aparthotels”?
Aparthotels are a type of accommodation that merges the features of apartments and hotels, offering the conveniences and space of an apartment along with services typically provided by hotels.

How many aparthotels does Bob W operate and where are they located?
Bob W operates over 3,000 aparthotels in 17 major European cities.

How does Bob W incorporate technology into their guest experience?
Bob W uses dedicated applications and IoT (Internet of Things) integrations to assist in property management and provide personalized services, allowing guests to access local services like fitness centers and transportation tailored to their needs.

What has Bob W’s growth been like since its inception?
Since its inception in 2018, Bob W has experienced impressive revenue growth and profitability across most of its markets, indicating a sustainable business model.

What is the purpose of the €40 million raised in Series B funding?
The €40 million raised in Series B funding is intended to help Bob W expand its presence within Europe and potentially establish a global presence in the future.

Who led the latest funding round for Bob W?
The latest funding round for Bob W was led by Evli Growth Partners, and it also attracted strategic support from industry veterans and investment groups.

Series B funding: A stage of financing for a company that is past the initial startup phase, meant to help the company grow and expand its operations.
Evli Growth Partners: An investment group likely specializing in providing capital for growth to promising enterprises.
IoT (Internet of Things): A network of physical objects—’things’—embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.

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