Fortinet Unveils Ruggedized Cybersecurity Device With 5G Capabilities

Fortinet®, a leader in integrated cybersecurity solutions, recently launched the FortiGate Rugged 70G appliance, a rugged, compact unit designed to bolster secure networking in challenging operational technology (OT) settings. Ideally suited for remote environments that include extreme conditions, this appliance excels via its dual 5G modem connectivity, ensuring outstanding performance and reliability.

The appliance sets a new benchmark in the ruggedized cybersecurity appliance sector with high availability and advanced AI-powered security features, earmarking it as a suitable match for industries like banking requiring dependable remote services such as ATMs in varied locations.

The FortiGate Rugged 70G is powered by Fortinet’s fifth-generation Security Processing Unit (SP5) and is engineered to handle the stress of remote, harsh environments without compromising on networking capabilities or security. Its features make it a one-stop solution for securing remote infrastructures and streamlining operational efficiency. John Maddison from Fortinet highlights the FortiGate’s potential to simplify infrastructure while offering cost savings and an improved user experience, even in the most inaccessible locations.

This innovation by Fortinet promises to deliver a substantial upgrade in networking and security infrastructure, eliminating the previous need for multiple, complex systems at remote sites. Its robust design coupled with the AI-powered security services make it a front-runner in ensuring resilience and unwavering connectivity, further solidified by impressive throughput capabilities that outperform industry standards. Through this single appliance, businesses can deploy and manage systems like ATMs with ease, regardless of the environmental challenges they may face.

FAQ Section:

What is the FortiGate Rugged 70G appliance?
The FortiGate Rugged 70G is an integrated cybersecurity solution designed to provide secure networking in challenging operational technology (OT) environments. It is a rugged, compact unit that is particularly suitable for remote settings facing extreme conditions.

Who manufactures the FortiGate Rugged 70G?
The appliance is produced by Fortinet®, a company recognized for its expertise in integrated cybersecurity solutions.

What kind of environments is the FortiGate Rugged 70G designed for?
It is intended for use in harsh, remote environments where standard networking equipment may not operate reliably. Examples include industrial sites, remote infrastructure, and any location with extreme weather conditions.

What are the key features of the FortiGate Rugged 70G?
Key features include dual 5G modem connectivity, high availability, advanced AI-powered security features, and a robust design. The appliance is powered by Fortinet’s fifth-generation Security Processing Unit (SP5).

Which sectors can benefit from the FortiGate Rugged 70G?
Industries such as banking or any sector needing dependable remote services, like ATMs, can benefit significantly from the FortiGate Rugged 70G. It’s also suitable for any industry with remote operations in extreme environments.

How does the FortiGate Rugged 70G impact operational efficiency?
According to John Maddison from Fortinet, the appliance simplifies infrastructure and offers cost savings and an improved user experience, even in inaccessible locations. It eliminates the need for multiple complex systems at remote sites, leading to streamlined operations.

What makes the FortiGate Rugged 70G a leader in the ruggedized cybersecurity appliance sector?
Its combination of performance, reliability, AI-powered security features, and throughput capabilities set a new benchmark within the industry. These factors together ensure resilience and seamless connectivity, outperforming industry standards.

Operational Technology (OT): Hardware and software that monitors or controls equipment, assets, and processes.
5G Modem Connectivity: Refers to the appliance’s ability to connect to fifth-generation wireless technology, offering faster speeds and improved reliability.
Security Processing Unit (SP5): A proprietary technology by Fortinet designed to accelerate cybersecurity computing power.
High Availability: A system design protocol and associated implementation that ensures a certain degree of operational performance during a predefined period.
AI-Powered Security Features: Security solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to detect and respond to threats.

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