Hampshire Broadband Provider toob Addresses Widespread Connectivity Issues

Summary: The Hampshire-based broadband provider, toob, faced a major network outage affecting customers in multiple towns, that has now mostly been resolved, with the exception of ongoing difficulties in Southampton.

In the early hours of today, toob, an ISP focused on delivering high-speed fibre broadband in South England, experienced significant service disruptions. Customers in Camberley, Aldershot, Farnborough and surrounding areas were left without internet connectivity due to an unspecified network fault. toob has since announced that the core problem has been addressed and services have been restored in these regions. However, the network issues persist in Southampton, leaving some customers without internet access as the company works to identify and rectify the cause.

The interruption in toob’s network is a rare large-scale outage for the company, which has earned a reputation for its reliable fibre-to-the-premises network catering to approximately 20,000 customers over a coverage area that includes 150,000 premises. While previously faced disruptions were typically limited and quickly managed, this wider outage took extended hours to acknowledge, drawing criticism from affected users.

For those still encountering issues, toob has advised a simple reboot of routers and fibre boxes as a potential fix while their technicians focus on a solution in Southampton. Keeping customers informed, toob is also utilizing social media platforms to post real-time updates.

Setting an ambitious target, toob aims to expand its network coverage to 1 million premises in parts of Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex by 2027, which includes the currently affected area of Southampton. The proactive approach of the ISP in addressing and communicating during these outages is critical in maintaining customer trust and satisfaction as they rapidly expand their service area.

FAQs About toob’s Network Outage

Q: What is toob?
A: toob is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides high-speed fibre broadband largely in the South England area, including towns such as Camberley, Aldershot, Farnborough, and Southampton.

Q: What happened during the toob network outage?
A: toob experienced a significant network fault that led to a loss of internet connectivity for customers in multiple towns. The issue has been resolved in most areas, but Southampton is still facing ongoing difficulties.

Q: How widespread was the outage?
A: The outage affected several towns and was considered a large-scale disruption for the company. It impacted a service area that includes approximately 150,000 premises.

Q: Has the outage been fixed?
A: The outage has been mostly resolved, with services being restored in Camberley, Aldershot, Farnborough, and surrounding areas. However, as of the last update, toob is still working to resolve the issues in Southampton.

Q: What should customers do if they are still experiencing issues?
A: toob suggests that customers try rebooting their routers and fibre boxes as a potential fix. They are also providing real-time updates on social media platforms.

Q: What are toob’s future expansion plans?
A: toob aims to expand its network to cover 1 million premises in parts of Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex by 2027, including the currently affected area of Southampton.

ISP (Internet Service Provider): A company that provides customers with internet access.
Fibre Broadband: A type of broadband internet that transfers data over fibre-optic cables, allowing for higher speeds and better reliability.

Insightful Analysis
– The outage represents a significant setback for toob, challenging their reputation for reliability. However, their response and communication strategy can support customer retention.
– Rapid expansion strategies, like those of toob, carry the risk of large-scale outages, emphasizing the importance of robust infrastructure and customer service.

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