Innobase Unveils Innovative Chip for Dual-Mode 5G and 4G IoT Devices

Innobase has officially entered mass production of a new chip that serves as the cornerstone of an advanced modem solution, set to be launched imminently. This development is significant not only because of the technological achievement but also because it marks the beginning of a strategic alliance between Innobase and VeriSilicon. This partnership is poised to revolutionize the wireless communication space by providing comprehensive cellular IoT solutions, including both 4G LTE and the newer 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap) standards, which have been orchestrated to meet the needs of Internet of Things (IoT) applications that demand mid-to-high speed connectivity.

Innobase and VeriSilicon are collaborating to offer a suite of reference designs for user equipment (UE) that will encompass essential elements ranging from radio frequency (RF) transceivers to power management systems. This initiative will support a multitude of IoT applications, such as affordable 5G smartphones, wearable technology, connected vehicles, industrial applications, video surveillance, and smart grids.

The partnership underscores Innobase’s commitment to research and development, leading to the creation of the world’s first 5G RedCap/4G LTE dual-mode modem chip ready for mass production. The achievement leverages VeriSilicon’s expertise to augment Innobase’s innovative modem—the Yunbao Modem—with top-tier wireless connectivity technology. By doing so, Innobase positions itself not just as a pioneer but as a leader in a market that holds longevity and utility, tapping into the potential of the power-efficient 22nm FD-SOI process to accommodate diverse technologies and positioning systems across customer-specific integrated circuits.

FAQs about Innobase’s New Chip and Strategic Alliance with VeriSilicon

What is the new technological development from Innobase?
Innobase has started mass production of a new chip that is integral to an advanced modem solution. This solution will soon be launched and supports both 4G LTE and 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap) standards, targeted at Internet of Things (IoT) applications requiring mid-to-high speed connectivity.

What is the significance of the Innobase and VeriSilicon alliance?
The strategic partnership between Innobase and VeriSilicon signifies a commitment to revolutionize the wireless communication space. The collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive cellular IoT solutions with a range of user equipment (UE) reference designs.

What will the partnership between Innobase and VeriSilicon provide?
Together, Innobase and VeriSilicon will offer reference designs for user equipment that include elements such as radio frequency (RF) transceivers and power management systems. The designs will enable a variety of IoT applications including 5G smartphones, wearables, connected vehicles, and smart grids.

What sets the new 5G RedCap/4G LTE modem chip apart?
This modem chip is the first 5G RedCap/4G LTE dual-mode chip ready for mass production in the world. It is significant for its ability to provide top-tier wireless connectivity and is positioned to lead in the market through its power-efficient design and flexibility to support diverse technologies and customer-specific integrated circuits.

How does the Yunbao Modem feature in Innobase’s plans?
The Yunbao Modem is Innobase’s innovative modem that has been enhanced with VeriSilicon’s wireless connectivity technology. This positions Innobase as a pioneering leader in the market, tapping into the efficient 22nm FD-SOI process technology.


Cellular IoT: A type of Internet of Things that relies on cellular networks to connect devices and exchange data.

4G LTE: Fourth-generation long-term evolution, a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.

5G Reduced Capability (RedCap): A simplified version of 5G aimed at IoT applications, which do not require the complete set of 5G features.

User Equipment (UE): Any device used directly by an end-user to communicate. It can be a hand-held telephone, a card in a laptop (PCMCIA Card), or other.

Radio Frequency (RF) Transceivers: Devices that both transmit and receive analog or digital signals in the RF spectrum.

22nm FD-SOI: A semiconductor fabrication process that provides enhanced performance and energy efficiency by using a silicon-insulator layer.

Integrated Circuits: Electronic circuits combined onto a single chip of semiconductor material, typically silicon.

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