Innovative Click Boards for Wireless Networking Launched by MikroElektronika and NeoCortec

In a significant development for wireless technology, MikroElektronika in collaboration with NeoCortec has launched a series of new Click boards designed to simplify the creation of wireless mesh networks for IoT applications. These boards allow for rapid prototyping and testing without the need for engineers to invest time and resources in developing their own hardware.

The Click boards boast NeoCortec’s NC1000 and NC2400 network modules, renowned for their compact size and low power consumption with an average of just 20uA. This series of Click boards comes in three variations to support different communication modules operating at 868MHz, 915MHz, and 2.4 GHz, which makes them versatile for multiple applications, from smart buildings to secure transport systems.

Furthermore, the partnership highlights that these boards are designed to integrate seamlessly with the mikroBUS socket standard, expanding compatibility with numerous microcontrollers and sensor boards. Coupled with the mikroSDK and open-source libraries, developers are given a robust framework for customizing their projects.

In essence, with the NeoMesh wireless protocol at their core, these boards are tailored for projects requiring durable, battery-powered, and expansive wireless sensor networks. The inclusion of the ClickID feature also ensures that host systems can automatically detect and configure the components, markedly improving ease-of-use for developers.

MikroElektronika and NeoCortec have released innovative Click boards for easy assembly of wireless mesh networking for IoT and Cloud-based sensor network applications. These Click boards incorporate low-power network modules for diverse communication frequencies and are readily compatible with the mikroBUS standard, fostering swift proof-of-concept development.

FAQs about MikroElektronika and NeoCortec’s New Click Boards

What has MikroElektronika done in collaboration with NeoCortec?
MikroElektronika, in partnership with NeoCortec, has launched a new series of Click boards designed to facilitate the creation of wireless mesh networks for IoT applications.

What are the main features of the new Click boards?
The Click boards feature NeoCortec’s NC1000 and NC2400 network modules, which are compact and have low power consumption (20uA on average). They support different communication frequencies – 868MHz, 915MHz, and 2.4 GHz – and include the mikroBUS socket standard for broader compatibility.

How do the new boards benefit engineers and developers?
The boards allow for the rapid prototyping and testing of wireless mesh networks without necessitating the development of custom hardware, saving time and resources for engineers.

What types of applications are these Click boards suitable for?
They are versatile for a range of applications, including smart buildings and secure transport systems.

What makes these Click boards easy to use?
These Click boards integrate smoothly with numerous microcontrollers and sensor boards, support mikroSDK, and open-source libraries for customization. Additionally, the ClickID feature simplifies component detection and configuration.

What wireless protocol do the Click boards use?
These boards are based on the NeoMesh wireless protocol, optimized for scalable, battery-powered, wireless sensor networks.

Wireless Mesh Network: A network infrastructure with interconnected nodes that allow for the efficient routing of data among devices in an IoT application.
IoT (Internet of Things): A system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, equipped with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction.
Click boards: Modular electronic boards with standardized connectors designed for the quick development and prototyping of various functionalities.
mikroBUS: A standard socket for connecting Click boards to a host microcontroller board which simplifies hardware expandability.
mikroSDK: Software Development Kit provided by MikroElektronika to support the development of applications that work with their hardware.
NeoMesh: A proprietary wireless protocol suitable for low-power, large-scale mesh networks designed by NeoCortec.

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