Internet Outage Cripples Sudan Amidst Civil Conflict

Internet connectivity in Sudan has seen a significant disruption, attributing to the ongoing turmoil within the nation. Observers have connected the blackout with the clashes between government forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), although the RSF denies any involvement. The internet freedom watchdog, NetBlocks, reported a substantial collapse in internet services, coinciding with tensions in the region.

A Sudanese “hacktivist” collective has also allegedly targeted internet services in Uganda, a country that recently hosted the RSF’s leader. However, a BBC correspondent situated in Kampala reported no apparent internet issues. Residents in various regions of Sudan have been facing challenges in accessing the internet since Friday, according to reports, with accusations pointing towards the RSF for the disruption. Nonetheless, an RSF spokesperson claims that it is the national army that has severed communications in key states where the RSF predominates.

Telecommunication operators such as Zain have acknowledged the crisis on social media, citing a network outage resulting from factors outside their control. Other service providers, MTN Sudan and Sudani, have also been affected severely. Amidst rising hardships due to the conflict, this internet shutdown has added a layer of complexity to the already dire humanitarian situation. The United Nations has thus made a call for substantial aid to assist the millions displaced or in need due to the warfare plaguing Sudan.

FAQs about Internet Disruption in Sudan

What is causing the internet disruption in Sudan?
The significant disruption in internet connectivity in Sudan has been linked to the country’s ongoing internal turmoil and clashes between government forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The exact cause of the disruption is under debate, with different groups blaming each other.

Who are the RSF and why are they mentioned in relation to the internet blackout?
The RSF, or Rapid Support Forces, is a paramilitary group in Sudan. They have been implicated in the internet blackout, with some accusing them of causing the disruptions, though they deny any involvement. The RSF’s leader recently visited Uganda, which led a Sudanese “hacktivist” collective to allegedly target Uganda’s internet services in response.

What does NetBlocks report about the situation?
NetBlocks, an internet freedom watchdog, reported a significant collapse in internet services that coincided with the heightened tensions in Sudan.

Have telecommunication operators commented on the blackout?
Yes, telecommunication operators such as Zain, MTN Sudan, and Sudani have acknowledged the crisis, with Zain taking to social media to explain that there was a network outage caused by factors outside of their control.

How has the internet shutdown affected the humanitarian situation in Sudan?
The internet shutdown has complicated the humanitarian situations by disrupting communication and potentially hindering aid efforts. The United Nations has called for substantial aid to support millions of displaced people or those in need because of the conflict in Sudan.

Did Uganda also experience internet issues?
Despite claims from a “hacktivist” collective targeting Uganda’s internet services, a BBC correspondent in Kampala reported no apparent internet issues.

Internet Connectivity Disruption: An interruption in internet access services, which can prevent users from accessing web resources and communicate online.
Rapid Support Forces (RSF): A Sudanese paramilitary force that has been involved in various conflicts within the country.
Hacktivist: An individual or a group that uses hacking or technological means to promote a political agenda or social change.
Telecommunication Operators: Companies that provide telecommunications services such as telephone and internet access to consumers and businesses.

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