Mozilla Unveils Enhanced Privacy Service with Paid Subscription for Data Removal

Mozilla, originally famed for its Firefox web browser, has broadened its suite of privacy tools with a new paid service designed to give users greater control over their personal data on the internet. The company’s latest offering allows subscribers to enable automatic removal of their data from various online sources, bolstering the protection of their digital footprint.

Summary: Mozilla has taken a step forward in online privacy management by introducing a paid subscription service that assists users in automatically eradicating their personal information from the web. This innovative service not only conducts incessant personal data monitoring but also facilitates the removal of users’ exposed details from unauthorized platforms. Aiming to simplify the complex process of data removal, Mozilla emphasizes its commitment to user privacy with a tool specially crafted for the purpose.

The initiative was conveyed through a demonstration video posted on YouTube, illustrating the tool’s usability, which, as of now, will benefit the U.S. user base exclusively. Furthermore, Mozilla cites research indicating a considerable portion of young adults’ desire for knowledge on their personal data handling by companies.

Providing an introductory free scan, Mozilla Monitor Plus helps individuals identify where their data might be getting misused or sold for profits. The comprehensive scan delves deep into personal details, possibly revealing sensitive information that users may wish to keep private. For those willing to invest in additional security measures, the service offers ongoing checks and data removal requests for a monthly fee of $8.99.

To facilitate this feature, users must create a Mozilla Account, paving the way for enhanced security benefits, including two-factor authentication. This move by Mozilla underscores the company’s dedication to fostering a safer internet experience amidst growing concerns over data privacy.

FAQ Section based on “Mozilla’s New Privacy Tool”

What is Mozilla’s new service?
Mozilla has introduced a new paid subscription service designed to help users automatically remove their personal data from the internet, aiming to enhance their control over digital privacy.

What does the service include?
The service, called Mozilla Monitor Plus, includes personal data monitoring and facilitates the removal of users’ details from unauthorized platforms. It also offers a free introductory scan to help users identify where their data might be misused or sold.

Who can benefit from this service?
As of now, the service is available exclusively to users in the United States.

Why has Mozilla introduced this service?
Mozilla has emphasized commitment to user privacy and recognized a need among young adults for better control over how their personal data is handled by companies.

How much does the subscription cost?
The ongoing checks and data removal service costs $8.99 per month.

What do users need to do to utilize this privacy tool?
Users need to create a Mozilla Account to access the security benefits of the service, including two-factor authentication.


Digital Footprint: The information about a person that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity.

Two-Factor Authentication: A security method that requires two distinct forms of identification before granting access to an account or system.

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