Rogers Streamlines Internet Services by Phasing Out Fido Brand

In a strategic consolidation effort, Rogers Communications Inc. has decided to cease offering internet services under the Fido brand. As of October 1st, 2023, customers seeking internet packages via Fido’s platform are being rerouted to the main Rogers website. This development has been reported as part of Rogers’ long-term plan, described by CEO Tony Staffieri, to strengthen the overarching Rogers brand and streamline its service offerings.

In the wake of this move, the discontinuation of Fido internet services notably leaves their previous customer base of 182,000 seeking alternatives. The Rogers website now serves as the sole portal for these customers to explore their options. Here, by punching in their address, they can readily discover the availability of Rogers’ internet plans in their vicinity.

Customers in specific regions like Ontario are privy to promotions such as “Ignite Internet 50” at a reduced rate of $49.99/month for a two-year span, a significant discount from the earlier pricing of $89.99/month for comparable download speeds. Additional plans like “Ignite Internet 150” and “Ignite Internet 500” are also part of the promotional offerings, with their respective reduced prices and enhanced speeds. To benefit from these reduced prices, customers must use the promotional code “ROGERSSAVE.”

With this strategy, Rogers aims to simplify its product lineup, potentially channeling all users to a unified service experience. Further details on the plans and services can be found on Rogers’ official website.

FAQ Section for Rogers Communications Inc. Consolidation Effort

What has Rogers Communications Inc. changed regarding Fido internet services?
As of October 1st, 2023, Rogers Communications Inc. has ceased offering internet services under the Fido brand, redirecting customers to the main Rogers website for internet service options.

Why did Rogers Communications Inc. stop offering internet under the Fido brand?
The decision to stop offering internet services under Fido is part of Rogers’ long-term strategy to strengthen the Rogers brand and streamline its service offerings, according to CEO Tony Staffieri.

How many customers are affected by the discontinuation of Fido internet services?
Approximately 182,000 customers who previously used Fido internet services are affected.

Where can former Fido internet customers now find internet service options?
Former Fido internet customers should visit the main Rogers website to explore available internet plans in their area.

Are there any promotions available for customers making the switch?
Yes, in specific regions like Ontario, Rogers is offering promotions such as “Ignite Internet 50” at $49.99/month for two years, down from the regular price of $89.99/month, among other discounted plans, with the use of the promotional code “ROGERSSAVE.”

What is the goal of Rogers’ new strategy?
Rogers aims to simplify its product lineup and unify the service experience for all its customers.

Strategic Consolidation: A business strategy involving the combination of different business units or entities within a corporation to strengthen its overall brand and improve operational efficiency.
Streamline: To improve the efficiency of a process by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps.
Promotional Code: A series of letters and/or numbers that consumers can enter at checkout to receive a discount or special offer.

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Insightful Analysis:
Rogers’ decision to streamline its internet services under one brand may be seen as a response to an increasingly competitive market, where simplifying customer experiences and strengthening brand loyalty can provide an edge over competitors. By centralizing services, Rogers may also be attempting to leverage economies of scale and reduce operational complexities.