Starlink Advances Towards ISP Status with Indonesian Governmental Procedures

In an insightful update on the expansion of global internet services, Starlink is on the cusp of offering internet connectivity in Indonesia. SpaceX’s pioneering satellite network is navigating through Indonesian bureaucratic waters as it seeks requisite approvals to legally provide internet services in the country. Following the nation’s protocols, the request for becoming an Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been lodged with the government’s Online Single Submission (OSS) system.

As per the Director General of Post and Informatics Management at the Communications and Information Technology Ministry, Wayan Toni Supriyanto, Starlink has been fulfilling the necessary stipulations in order to qualify for an Operational Feasibility Test (ULO), signaling their conformity with Indonesian regulations.

In parallel, influential Minister Luhut Pandjaitan disclosed that preparations are underway for Starlink to play a role in the digital infrastructure of Nusantara Capital City (IKN Nusantara), a visionary project by Indonesia. He hinted at an imminent conclusion to the company’s investment process for the new capital, hinging on the approval of the ULO.

The anticipation surrounding Starlink’s possible launch in Indonesia is enhanced by President Joko Widodo’s support for the enterprise’s presence in IKN Nusantara. The president foresees Starlink’s services as a boon to public facilities in the vicinity of the new capital, pointing to a future where satellite internet could vastly improve local connectivity.

FAQs About Starlink’s Expansion into Indonesia

What is Starlink?
Starlink is a satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX, aimed at providing high-speed internet access across the globe.

What recent development has Starlink made towards operating in Indonesia?
Starlink is moving forward with its plans to offer internet connectivity in Indonesia, currently navigating through the necessary bureaucratic processes to receive approvals to operate legally as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country.

What steps has Starlink taken to meet Indonesian regulations?
Starlink has lodged an ISP request with the Indonesian government’s Online Single Submission (OSS) system and is working towards meeting the requirements for an Operational Feasibility Test (ULO), which demonstrates compliance with Indonesian regulations.

Who in the Indonesian government has spoken about Starlink’s entry into the market?
Wayan Toni Supriyanto, the Director General of Post and Informatics Management at the Communications and Information Technology Ministry, and Luhut Pandjaitan, an influential Indonesian minister, have both discussed Starlink’s process of entering the Indonesian market.

How might Starlink contribute to Indonesia’s Nusantara Capital City project?
Minister Luhut Pandjaitan mentioned preparations for Starlink’s involvement in the digital infrastructure of the Nusantara Capital City, and President Joko Widodo envisions Starlink enhancing public facilities with improved satellite internet connectivity.


Starlink: SpaceX’s satellite internet service, consisting of a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites aimed at providing global internet coverage.
Internet Service Provider (ISP): A company that provides services for accessing, using, or participating in the internet.
Operational Feasibility Test (ULO): An assessment required in Indonesia to test the operational capabilities and conformity of telecommunication services with local regulations.
Online Single Submission (OSS) system: A streamlined platform used by the Indonesian government for the regulation and administration of business licensing.
Nusantara Capital City (IKN Nusantara): A visionary urban development project planned by the Indonesian government, envisaging a new, sustainable, and smart capital city.

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